Garlic Bread Recipes

garlic gold winter holiday vegan lasagna

Vegan Winter Holiday Lasagna

Have you ever heard of a lasagna that doesn’t contain meat, dairy or nuts, and can even be made gluten-free? One that makes a beautiful centerpiece…

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Garlic Gold Chanterelle Risotto

Comforting Italian food is on the menu for fall. Stir up this creamy, dreamy risotto with Garlic Gold Oil and just-in-season Chanterelle mushrooms. A…

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Garlic Gold Sausage Ragout

Even if you're hurrying to make your family a wholesome weeknight dinner, there's no need to skimp on healthy ingredients! Our sausage ragout cooks…

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Pesto Zoodles and Shrimp

Have you heard of zoodles yet? They’re a delicious replacement for pasta, and they’re made out of zucchini! You can make them with a vegetable…

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Garnet Yams with Mushrooms, Onions and Cilantro Pesto

Vegan meals can be so full of flavor when you use Garlic Gold®! Whether you follow a vegan diet all the time, or are just looking for a healthy…

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Seafood Pasta Primavera

Pasta Primavera means “Spring Pasta” in Italian, and we’re celebrating the arrival of the season with this delicious dinner! Al dente pasta is…

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