Why My Kids Adore Garlic Gold

The irresistibly delicious,
super-nutritious food my kids adore.

“The truth is, my kids Emily and Sammy should be the ones writing about Garlic Gold® Nuggets because they adore them. And because they adore them, they eat them on everything. I’ve even found them eating them straight out of the jar.

Missy Lapine Author of New York Times best-seller The Sneaky ChefGarlic Gold® Nuggets are nothing like the dried garlic you find in groceries. Instead they are delicious, hand-made bits of crunchy, mild organic garlic that are toasted in organic extra-virgin olive oil, and mixed with other ingredients like organic Parmesan cheese and Italian herbs so they burst with flavor.

You and I both know that kids love to play with their food, and that’s also part of the appeal of these. They are sprinkles, after all. My kids sprinkle the Italian-Flavored Nuggets on their pizza and chicken tenders. On salad night, they ask for the Original Nuggets to be sprinkled on top of their lettuce instead of bacon bits or croutons. Emily and Sammy weren’t convinced that brown rice was a decent replacement for white rice until they sprinkled some of the Parmesan Garlic Gold Nuggets on top. It also makes terrific instant garlic bread. I’m sorry to say it, but fresh garlic can be a pain in the neck to peel and chop. My kids make their own garlic bread super-quick now. Here’s how: Slice a loaf of bread or a roll in half length-wise (Emily uses a whole-wheat roll and Sammy has a gluten-free baguette she loves). Drizzle – or better, mist — the bread with olive oil, sprinkle on Parmesan Garlic Gold® Nuggets and toast quickly under the broiler.

Healthy Foods Kids will love OrganicOn top of it all, garlic is also an herbal wonder drug. It can strengthen the immune system, has natural antibiotic properties and has been shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

So you get irresistibly delicious and super-nutritious all-in-one with these Garlic Gold® Nuggets, which is a win-win in my book. And now you know why my whole family loves them so much.”

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Kids Adore Organic Garlic Gold