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  • Our children who live in Carpinteria, California brought us Garlic Gold® for Xmas.  I am a cook and purist.  I was quite amused that they should give me what I assumed was a poor substitution for Italian olive oil and fresh garlic.  When I’m wrong, I am really wrong.  The first week after the holidays I roasted a head of Cauliflower with Garlic Gold®.   My husband and I ate the entire head in one meal.  Two nights later I made brussel sprouts the same way.  Wow, Wow, Wow.   Needless to say I plan to send gift baskets to all my gourmet friends.  We don’t live near Whole Foods in central New York, so thank God for internet.  –Audrey
  • I made a shrimp pasta salad for Easter Dinner and used the Garlic Gold® Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette. OMG it was great! My family loved it! Now on to make a Chicken Pasta Salad with it….Great stuff! Thank You
  • I am in love with your products!  Especially the Italian Herb nuggets.  My mom gave me a sample  a couple of months ago.  I wanted to not only let you know how much I am in love with your products, but also to see whether you might consider posting your nutritional information on your website?  I am young, but unfortunately have been placed on a sodium-restricted diet due to hypertension (and I am not even heavy!  Uggh!).  However, because I have the sample of your Italian Herb nuggets, the package most fortunately does reflect 0 sodium, and that is the best news ever, because I am using my sample on everything!!  Fish, veggies, turkey burgers, in our mashed potatoes, it is really fantastic, thank you!   I think the nutritional info is so beneficial for those who pay attention to it,  and a fantastic selling point for your products. Thank you for making something so pure and wonderful for the rest of us to enjoy — Holly
  • “I can’t believe how good your Oil is! I tried it for the first time two weeks ago and haven’t put it down since. Last night, we had the best Shrimp Scampi we’ve ever had. Thanks for making such a great product.” – Stephen
  • “I tried your crunchy Nuggets. I mixed it in with an omelet and it was soooo good! I love garlic! Thank you very much!”– Jerry and Rosie
  • “I tried the Parmesan Garlic Nuggets. Used them with Chicken Parmesan one night, it was delicious.” – Michelle
  • “I loved it. I used it in spaghetti sauce with meatballs.” – Cheryl
  • “I used the garlic Nuggets in sauteed mushrooms. The mushrooms had been in the fridge for too long and had gone a bit soggy. I don’t saute in fat, but in water, and the garlic did a great job of flavoring them. So I was able to save the mushrooms, incorporating them into other dishes during the week, and they tasted wonderful!” – Mary
  • “WOW did we love it!!! We used it two ways. For one, we put it in some EVOO and used it with Italian bread for dipping. Last night my husband made chicken on the grill, brushed it with olive oil and then the Garlic Gold® Nuggets. It gave the chicken a really great flavor.” – Kathee
  • “I tried the Garlic Gold® Nugget with Stuffed Shells…cheese and spinach..it added a great flavor to the food…people commented on it so much.” – KJ
  • “I tried the Parmesan Nuggets and loved them! I put them on some chicken, then on some scrambled eggs and the rest went on some mashed potatoes..made everything taste so much better, really loved them : )” – Lorrona
  • “Yes, I received my sample of the Parmesan Nuggets, ate it right up (I kept sneaking tastes out of the bag, but I did have some left to throw over a pizza) and immediately placed an order for two bottles! Great stuff, especially over veggies, which I’m trying to eat more of! Would love to have a coupon so I can try other flavors and have some to share with my dad!” – Dana
  • “Hey I loved the garlic Sea Salt I received. I put it on turkey burgers,eggs, meatloaf,and more. When I have a chance to buy some more I will absolutely buy several things.Your products are not very expensive.” – George
  • “I tried..them ALL !!!!! I also bought the other flavors at the same time that I asked for the Sample… MY, is this a great product! We use it on Pizza, in Pasta, on Bread, on Salads…the list truly does go on and on. I especially adore the Parmesan Cheese Flavor…just fabulous. Thanks for the opportunity to tell you how I feel about your GREAT Product.” – Linda
  • “I tried Italian Herb Nuggets. They are wonderful! The wonderful aroma is what you experience first. I used the Nuggets as a rub on turkey breast. The flavor is outstanding! I love all the Garlic Gold® products!” – Angela
  • “I thought it was really flavorful. I used a little in w/my bread crumbs for chicken and a little on my steak. It made it taste awesome.” – Karen
  • “I tried your Garlic Gold® Parmesan and it was GREAT! Thanks so much for the sample or I would never have tried it. I haven’t seen it on my store shelves yet, but I’ll keep looking. I put your product on cod and baked it in the oven. My husband commented on how good it smelled while baking. We both LOVE garlic. Your product was so flavorful, too.” – Jean