Garlic Gold Nuggets

Original Garlic Gold® Toasted Garlic Nuggets

Our most popular item, these delicious Nuggets are hand-made bits of toasted, sweet, mild and crunchy organic garlic.

Toasted GarlicUse as a gourmet topping on anything, including salads, pizza, sushi, baked & mashed potatoes, popcorn, pastas, etc.

These Toasted Garlic Nuggets make a great crunchy & sodium free alternative to flavor your meals.

2.1 ounces  UPC: 826804008888

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One shaker is never enough in our family 


Pack of 3 Shakers of Toasted Garlic Nuggets (2.1 ounce each)  UPC: 826804000172  Add to Cart



Toasted Garlic Nuggets crunchy


Pack of 6 Shakers of Toasted Garlic Nuggets (2.1 ounce each) UPC: 826804008885 Add to Cart 


Just 2 Ingredients: USDA Organic Garlic & Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. That’s All!


  • FULLY COOKED & READY TO EAT: Farm fresh bits of toasted organic garlic! Sprinkle on vegetables and in salads. An easy appetizer – just spread cream cheese on bread and sprinkle away.
  • PREMIUM USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Simply Organic Garlic crafted to perfection in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Best artisan sustainable seasoning & it’s sodium free. Move over garlic flakes and powders – meet these crunchy nuggets.
  • ADD FLAVOR AND ZING TO YOUR MEALS: Love the taste and flavor of Italy. Quick and easy natural flavoring for your: vegetables, soups, stir-fry, salads, breads, fish, rice, potato, tacos, shrimp, chicken, beef, steak, pork chops and all other types of meat and meat-less creations. Great cooking gift set for every kitchen.
  • GUILT FREE SEASONING – ONLY HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: Garlic and olive oil. Salt Free, preservative free, no potassium chloride, no MSG – just no bad stuff. Enjoy yourself or buy these as the best cooking gift. Versatile and a great time saver. Every home should have these hearty chunks of garlic on standby to spice up any freshly cooked entrée.
  • GOURMET TOPPING: Just sprinkle on to add premium flavor and crunch on salads, pizza, Japanese, Mexican, Italian cuisine, popcorn seasoning roasted garlic mashed and baked potatoes, potato salad, pastas. Instantly make your own garlic dogs. Use in garlic butter and garlic hummus, on garlic knots and garlic bread. Healthy alternative to soy sauce packets, vegan soy sauce, garlic salt. Your new favorite salad toppings premium blend. Enhance your vegan meats such as Tofu, Tempeh and Seitan.