3 Steps to Gourmet


How to: Make Zucchini Pizza with a Crunchy Garlic Crust

For this summery, vegetarian pizza, we keep our pizza toppings light, yet flavorful. Spiralized zucchini is sprinkled all over the pizza in a big,…

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How to: Best Tasting Garlic BLT’s

Cook the bacon. The best, most spatter-proof way to cook bacon is in the oven. Just lay down strips of bacon on a baking sheet, and cook for 15…

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How To: Make A Dinner Salad in 3 Steps

  Whether you’re having pasta, pizza, or a simple roasted chicken for dinner, salad really completes the meal! We always start off dinner…

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How to: Make Garlic Pretzel Knots in 3 Steps

  For National Pretzel Day, we’re serving up the easiest, most delicious pretzel knots ever! They’re made from store-bought pizza dough, so…

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How to: Cook Perfect Salmon in 3 Steps

Salmon fillets are one of the easiest, fastest proteins to cook for lunch or dinner. A single fillet is great for topping a salad, or serving…

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How to: Make Bruschetta in 3 Steps

Nothing is more romantic than cooking dinner for two. This Valentine’s Day, we’re making it easy with Garlic Gold®! This week’s How To shows…

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How to: Fry the Best Crispy Eggs in 3 Steps

Fried eggs are one of the simplest things to make. Even kitchen beginners can make them as part of a nutritious, protein-packed breakfast! Our method…

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How to: Steam Green Beans in 3 Steps

Just in time for Thanksgiving, here's a great way to cook green beans! Perfectly tender green beans are easy to prepare, and they're delicious with…

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