Garlic Appetizer Recipes

Garlic Deviled Eggs

Garlic Gold® Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a no-brainer appetizer for your Easter gathering. They're easy to make, easy to eat, and traditional as all get-out! This year, why…

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Spicy Southwest Chili Garlic Wings

Spicy Southwest Chili Garlic Wings

Last week, we gave you our favorite sweet and tangy wing recipe. This week, we’re taking things into spicier territory — these wings aren’t shy…

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garlic honey mustard wings

Garlic Gold Honey Mustard Wings

Football season is in full swing, and we’re planning an amazing menu for Super Bowl XLVIII! Be sure to include our Garlic Gold® Honey Mustard…

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Garlic Gold Cereal Mix

Garlic Gold® Chex Mix

This football season, make sure to season your favorite snacks with Garlic Gold®! This crunchy, nutty mix includes the usual suspects -- hot sauce…

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Garlic Pecan Cheese Ball

Garlic Gold® Pecan Cheese Ball

Ingredients:    4 ounces low-fat cream cheese 4 ounces reduced calorie cheddar cheese, grated 1 tablespoon Garlic Gold®…

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garlic gold italian stuffed mushrooms

Fast Holiday Appetizers with Garlic Gold

Are you hosting Christmas dinner this year? Throwing a New Year's Eve bash? Let Garlic Gold® make your appetizers quick and easy!  Our…

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